Cala Violina

Cala Violina

A metà strada tra Follonica e Punta Ala, Cala Violina è la spiaggia più famosa della Maremma Toscana

Cala Violina, Come Visitarla


To visit Cala Violina, it is necessary to make a reservation. The parking lot is open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and the trail to reach the beach through the Bandite di Scarlino Natural Reserve is only accessible during daylight hours.

It is important to respect the rules of the Natural Reserve, such as not leaving litter along the path or on the beach, not damaging the local fauna and flora, and not lighting fires. Moreover, it is forbidden to pick any kind of plant or animal within the Reserve.

Regarding crowding, during high season and on weekends, the beach can become very crowded, and the parking lot can reach maximum capacity, which is about 250 cars. In these cases, it may not be possible to park and you will need to look for alternative parking or come back at another time.

Here are the rules for visiting Cala Violina

From June 1st to September 30th, from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., 700 people can access the beach every day. To access the beach, it is necessary to reserve your spot, and the cost of the reservation fee is 1 euro. Children from 1 year old up to 12 years old do not have to pay the fee, but they still need to reserve their spot. For children from 0 to 12 months old, no fee or reservation is required. Cars are allowed to access the beach only if they transport the disabled with an accompanying person.

From June 1st to September 30th, it is forbidden to bring dogs, except for guide and rescue dogs. Access for horses is always prohibited. In addition, littering, cigarette butts, and other smoking products are prohibited throughout the Coastal area.

By respecting these rules, you can enjoy your visit to Cala Violina to the fullest.

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